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Urology medical center design by Gordon and Associates, Architects

How Gordon and Associates clients benefit.
Axel W. Anderson, IV, M.D.Orlando, Florida
Phillip H. Beck, M.D.Modesto, California
Patrick M. Bennett, M.D.Greenbrae, California
John W. Berry, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Kenneth M. Blue, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Robert S. Bradford, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
William K. Bogache, M.D.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
W. Stewart Bundrick, Jr., M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Mark W. Callaway, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Joseph L. Camps, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
Richard Carter, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Stanley Chovnick, M.D.New Port Richey, Florida
C. Richard Dewar, M.D.Modesto, California
Kevin J. Kline, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Lee Congleton, M.D.Knoxville, Tennessee
David Cunningham, M.D.Ocala, Florida
Paresh G. Desai, M.D.Homosassa Springs, Florida
Robert B. Eisenburg, M.D., FACSModesto, California
Ray D. Germany, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Frank E. Glover, M.D.Thomasville, Georgia
Michael S. Grabel, M.D.DeLand, Florida
Robert Grissom, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
David Hastings, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Henry A. Hollier, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Patrick T. Hunter, M.D.Orlando, Florida
Ira M. Klimberg, M.D.Ocala, Florida
Kenneth E. Krzyzaniak, M.D.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Robert W. Lankford, M.D.DeLand, Florida
D. Russell Locke, M.D.Ocala, Florida
Brian T. McCaffrey, M.D., FACSModesto, California
David W. Miles, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
Tommy M. Mook, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Bert M. Morrow, M.D.Ormond Beach, Florida
James L. Moss, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Harry Neuwirth, M.D.Greenbrae, California
James R. Noble, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Thomas E. Palmer, M.D.Shreveport, Louisiana
Greg Parr, M.D.Ormond Beach, Florida
Jack Paulk, M.D.Ocala, Florida
William E. Potts, M.D. Tallahassee, Florida
Harold M. Reed, M.D.Miami Beach, Florida
Brian J. Roberts, M.D.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Raleigh W. Rollins, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
W. Paul Sawyer, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
Walter J. Schimon, M.D.Modesto, California
Scott B. Sellinger, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
Parminder S. Sethi, M.D., FRCSModesto, California
Jerrold Sharkey, M.D.New Port Richey, Florida
James C. Springer, M.D.Tallahassee, Florida
Thomas F. Stringer, M.D.Inverness, Florida
Chris B. Threatt, M.D.Modesto, California
Urology Surgicenters, Inc.Atlanta, Georgia
Steven J. Varady, M.D.West Palm Beach, Florida
Williams Wall, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
David Weinstein, M.D.West Palm Beach, Florida
Vernon E. Weldon, M.D.Greenbrae, California
Harold Wexler, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
John E. Wright, M.D.Holiday, Florida
Andrew J. Wolszczak, M.D.Marathon, Florida
Richard W. Young, M.D.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Nicholai Zelneronok, M.D.Inverness, Florida

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Gordon and Associates, Architects

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