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Orthopaedics medical center design by Gordon & Associates Architects

How Gordon and Associates clients benefit.
Alejandro Badia, MDMiami, Florida
Gordon D. Bainbridge, M.D.Grand Island, Nebraska
Brent A. Bankston, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ignatius S. Bertola, M.D.Buffalo, New York
W. Preston Blake, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
George M. Botello, M.D.Marathon, Florida
Robert J. Brill, M.D.Ocala, Florida
Clinton G. Bush, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
James A. Bynum, M.D.Fort Myers, Florida
Robert B. Cameron, M.D.Pensacola, Florida
O.F. Cannon, Jr., M.D.Ocala, Florida
Coastal SpineJacksonville, Florida
Timothy J. Collard, M.D.Buffalo, New York
Lisa A. Daye, M.D.Buffalo, New York
James B. Duke, M.D.Ocala, Florida
David E. Eichten, D.O.Fort Myers, Florida
Joseph P. Falcone, M.D., D.O.Buffalo, New York
Larry G. Ferachi, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Carmella Fernandez, M.D., M.B.A.Fort Myers, Florida
Mark H. Field, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
R. Bryan Griffith, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nick Hatzis, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Edward T. Humbert, D.O., M.S.Fort Myers, Florida
Edward M. Jaffee, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Joint Implant Surgeons of FloridaFort Myers, Florida
Kipp W. Kennedy, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
J. Thomas Kilroy, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Evgeny E. Krynetskiy, M.D.Fort Myers, Florida
Timothy Lane, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Paul J. Lapoint, D.O.Buffalo, New York
W. Joseph Laughlin, Jr., M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Paul J. Mason, M.D.Buffalo, New York
Amanda Maxey, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Mark S. Mieth, M.D.Buffalo, New York
Steven H. Moss, M.D.Hudson, Florida
Munroe Regional Orthopaedic InstituteThe Villages, Florida
Phillip R. Parr, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Paul D. Paterson, M.D.Buffalo, New York
Mark A. Petty, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
William Petty, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Rodger D. Powell, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Michael Robichaux, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Richard Robichaux, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Stephen D. Rycyna, M.D.Buffalo, New York
Dennis O. Sagini, M.D.Fort Myers, Florida
Arthur M. Sharkey, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Peter E. Shields, M.D.Buffalo, New York
James B. Slattery, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
James A. Slough, M.D.Buffalo, New York
John Thomas, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
J. Stephen Waters, M.D.Gainesville, Florida
Peter G. Wernicki, M.D.Vero Beach, Florida
Carey Winder, M.D.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Bryan L. Witt, D.O.Fort Myers, Florida

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