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Design of Ambulatory Surgery Center
Planning of Ambulatory Surgery Center
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At Gordon & Associates, Architects, we have no learning curve on health care projects, and will not ask our clients to pay our tuition. Instead of our time being spent learning the project type, we can focus on what is unique about our clients's specific needs. Because healthcare environments are what we work with every day, we continually stay abreast of the latest advances in technology and design relevant to them.  Although we are proud of our design, it is only 15% to 20% of the services we provide. Our clients demand expertise in the technical aspects - people who have been there and have seen all the variations.

Gordon & Associates, Architects is known as the "architect's architect" when it comes to ambulatory surgery center projects. For example, the firm is commissioned by architects around the world to consult on cost effective and efficient design of ambulatory surgery centers. Gordon & Associates was commissioned by Architect Cesar Pelli & Associates to assist in the design of the Cleveland Clinic Eye Institute Building Surgery Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and by Fleischman - Garcia Architects in Tampa, Florida to assist in designing the Meese Hospital Outpatient Building, and has served as consulting design architect for surgery projects throughout the United States and in Syria, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Guatemala and Japan.

Gordon and Associates, Architects

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